Why does the Ionizing light alternate between red and blue?

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    When everything is hooked up properly, the two electrode bars of the cell are completely under water, and there is more than 0.5″ (10mm) of length left on the bars, the Ionizing light should be solid blue or flashing blue. If you see that the Ionizing light on the controller, or the blue light on the outside of your hot tub sometimes flashes red, there could be a problem with the water chemistry.

    The ionizer can lose the connection intermittently if the water is very pure and does not conduct electricity well. This is usually only a problem on hot tub models because they have a lower output level. To rule this out, set the controller setting to Large Dose and the number to anything higher than 00. If the flashing red light goes away, you probably have water with very low TDS that does not conduct electricity well enough.

    To correct this:

    1. Set the controller to Ion/Action and the desired setting

    2. Make sure the pump is running

    3. Add 1/2 cup of salt to the water water every 10 minutes until the light stays on a solid blue. You can use table salt, pool salt or softener salt.

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