Which replacement cell do I buy for my ClearBlue ionizer?

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    Please note, if your ionizer controller has a blue receptacle, this is the enhanced version and you must purchase the replacement cell from the store that sold you the original system. Enhanced cells are not available online. Part number is either A-750LS, A-750LSP or CBI-CELL-LSL (these are the same part). If you have any problems with this, please contact us for assistance.

    Otherwise, the ClearBlue replacement mineral cell is universal and fits in all ClearBlue Ionizers with a pink receptacle, including these models and private label brands below. The part number is A-750E or A-750EP or CBI-CELL-PSL (these are the same thing).

    – ClearBlue A-400D/N/H/UH
    – ClearBlue A-700D/N/UN
    – ClearBlue A-800D/N/H/UH
    – ClearBlue A-850D/N/H/UH
    – CBI-350P-S
    – CBI-350P-18
    – CBI-350P-25
    – CBI-350P-25-MBG
    – CBI-350P-40
    – CBI-350P-40-MBG
    – Argenia A-450
    – Argenia A-750
    – Argenia A-850
    – Nature’s Pure A-800
    – Nature’s Pure A-850
    – ClearStream Ionizer
    – Nima Wellness A-400
    – Oligotech OT-120

    As of 2020, the replacement cells have only two pins in the plug. The third middle pin and extra wire were removed to save waste because they were never connected to anything. You can use a cell with two pins with a controller that has three openings.

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