What are the ClearBlue Ionizer settings?

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    To set the ClearBlue system, you will need to know:

    1) How many gallons or liters of water in my pool or hot tub?
    2) Which model of ClearBlue do I have?

    If you have this info handy, use the settings calculator

    For 1), you can calculate as follows for pools. For hot tubs, you will have to contact your hot tub manufacturer to be sure, but you can estimate it using the ‘rectangle’ shape described below.
    Pool Volume CalculatorTap to zoom.

    For 2), sometimes the model number is on the front (e.g. A-800 or A-400). If not, you will have to look at the back of the controller, or on the bottom of the box it came in.

    Once you know the answers to 1) and 2), you can calculate the settings for Ion/Action (Maintain) AND Large Dose (Increase) as follows:

    ClearBlue Settings CalculationsTap to zoom.

    Note: Set the Ion/Action (Maintain) setting first, then set the Large Dose (Increase). The system will run on the Large Dose (Increase) setting for the number of hours set. The Large Dose (Increase) setting is a timer and the number will decrease by one every hour until it gets to 00. Once the Large Dose (Increase) timer expires, the controller will switch automatically to the Ion/Action (Maintain) setting which is the maintenance setting. The number for Ion/Action (Maintain) indicates the percentage of maximum that the system runs at to maintain the mineral levels.

    These calculations are estimates and you may need to adjust the settings according to the results of the copper test. However, once you find the ‘magic number’ for the settings for your pool or hot tub, they will not need to be changed again.

    The Large Dose (Increase) setting should be used when:

    1) Filling or refilling the pool
    2) The copper level goes below 0.2ppm

    You may need to run the Large Dose (Increase) cycle a few times to get the mineral level high enough when you refill. This is okay.

    For general maintenance of minerals in the water, leave the controller on Ion/Action (Maintain) with the setting you calculated. If you find that the minerals are slowly dropping off, you can set the Ion/Action (Maintain) setting higher to compensate.

    The ClearBlue controller should have power all the time and should not be on a timer.

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