I can’t get the copper ion level to increase to 0.2ppm

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    There are a number of possible reasons why you can’t get the minerals to register in the correct range. Keep in mind, it’s a slow process to increase or decrease the mineral ion level in a pool. But once they are in there, they are very stable and will stay in the water for several months.

    1. Ensure you have the right model for your pool size. The A-800 model is rated for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000 L). The A-850 model is rated for pools up to 40,000 gallons (150,000 L). If your pool is on the cusp (e.g. 20,000 gallons), we recommend going with the A-850 model, especially in warm climates with lots of sun. If you have purchased the A-800 system and you would like to upgrade to the A-850, please contact us.
    2. Ensure the “Ionizing” light is on (or flashing when set to Large Dose).
    3. Ensure your ClearBlue Ionizer controller is on 24/7 (not on a timer).
    4. Make sure that your copper test kit has not expired. If you do not see an expiry date, the liquid reagents last about 2 years and the test strips last 1-2 years. You can order replacement reagents at your pool store or online (in Canada and US). Or Google “copper test kit” or “copper test strips” and purchase your preferred test.
    5. Ensure you are using the copper test kit properly (read the instructions on the test kit or strips carefully).
    6. Ensure you have the Ion Action setting correct according to your volume of water. This value is found on page 8 of the Operating Manual. You can increase the setting based on the ion test readings.
    7. Set Large Dose to the value on page 8 of the Operating Manual for your pool or spa. This will run the controller full blast for the number of hours indicated. For example, setting the controller to Large Dose and then setting the number value to 48 will run the system full blast for 48 hours. You can test the copper level after 48 hours and if you do not get a 0.2ppm reading, you can run the large dose as many times as necessary until you get the ions to this level. When the controller is set to Large Dose, the Ionizing light should be flashing blue or solid red (depending your ClearBlue model). If the Ionizing light goes off after 5 to 10 minutes, there could be a problem with the controller. Contact us for assistance.
    8. Check your phosphate level. Phosphates act like fertilizer for algae. Algae grows quickly and so the copper is used up as it is produced. Most pool stores can test this for you if you bring in a water sample. If your phosphate level is over 200ppb, we recommend controlling it with a product like Phosfree.
    9. If you have used a stain and scale chemical or sequestering agent, this will remove minerals from the water and will neutralize the generation of new mineral ions. After a month, the sequestering agent will dissipate and your ion levels will rise to the correct level.
    10. Make sure you are keeping the chlorine at 1-3ppm while the minerals are ramping up. This is equivalent to adding two or three chlorine tablets to your skimmer or inline chlorinator. This will help control algae and make it easier for the minerals to reach the recommended range. Once the copper ion level reaches 0.2ppm, you can start ramping down the chlorine level by using one 3″ tablet once per week.
    11. If there is any question as to whether the controller, electrodes or copper test kit are functioning properly, you can test the system by putting the electrodes in a glass of water, and set the Ion Action to 98. Within 15 minutes, the water should turn blue, and the reading should be over 1ppm. View Photo.

    If you have the controller version with the RED lights and the ‘Ionizing’ light is NOT flashing (or solid when on Large Dose) or if you have tried all of these things and still have a problem, please contact us for assistance.

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