How do I start up and maintain my ClearBlue mineral spa?

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    1) Fill the spa with a pre-filter (recommended for all water sources)

    2) Balance pH (7.2 – 7.6), alkalinity (80 – 120) and calcium hardness (200 – 400). TDS must be at least 200 for the ClearBlue system to work

    3) Set the ClearBlue controller Ion/Action and Large Dose settings according to this calculation: Volume of Spa / 2,500 x 33

    4) Add 3 spa-sized chlorine or bromine pucks (or equivalent liquid or granular chlorine/bromine to get 3-5ppm chlorine/bromine)

    5) Test copper after the Large Dose expires (it will time out and switch to the Ion/Action setting).
    a. If copper is 0.2ppm – 0.4ppm, spa is properly ionized
    b. If copper is below 0.2ppm, press the Large Dose button again
    c. Repeat b) until copper is 0.2ppm


    1) Use 1 spa-sized chlorine or bromine puck per week (or equivalent liquid or granular chlorine/bromine to maintain 0.5 – 1ppm chlorine/bromine)

    2) Use a spa shock after heavy usage

    3) Test copper every week or two and make sure copper is 0.2ppm 0.4ppm. If it is dropping off, turn the Ion/Action setting up by 5 points

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