How do I convert my salt water pool over to a mineral pool?

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    You can use a mineral system along with your salt chlorinator. You can lower the chlorine output to the lowest setting and you will get more life out of the salt cell. However, if your salt cell is already finished or you would prefer to convert your pool to a mineral pool, here are the steps.

    1) Replace the Salt Chlorinator Cell with the ClearBlue tee (follow the instructions in the manual for how to orient the tee)
    2) Set the Ion/Action and Large Dose settings according to the manual for your pool volume
    3) Add 3 chlorine tablets
    4) Test the copper after a week.
    5) If it is 0.2ppm – 0.4ppm, reduce chlorine to 1 tablet per week (you’re done)
    6) If it is below 0.2ppm, add 3 more chlorine tablets and set the Large Dose again to the same setting as before
    7) Repeat 4)

    Here are a few notes and recommendations:

    1) Once the copper has reached 0.2ppm – 0.4ppm, the Ion/Action setting will maintain the minerals at the correct level
    2) You do not need to do anything about the salt. It will slowly get diluted as you add water and will not impact the mineral system
    3) Install an inline chlorinator such as the Hayward CL200 – you can fill this up every few weeks and set the output to 25% of maximum – this way you don’t have to add chlorine every week.
    4) Use slow dissolving stabilized chlorine tablets – this is best for maintaining a low chlorine residual
    5) Balance the pH, alkalinity and calcium – sometimes with salt pools these can go way out of range
    6) Make sure phosphates are below 200ppb – phosphates are like fertilizer for algae and if it is too high, the minerals will get used up much quicker


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