How do I close and winterize my ClearBlue mineral pool?

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    When you close your ClearBlue mineral pool, you can follow the instructions of your pool builder or pool store. They may recommend a closing kit that contains chemicals to preserve your water and pool over the winter.

    Closing kits work great with your mineral pool and there are no risks of damage or issues with your pool. One thing to note is that closing kits typically include a ‘stain and scale’ or other type of sequestering product. The purpose of this is to remove contaminants from the water that might cause staining to your pool surfaces. It is important to note that sequestering products will also remove the minerals from the water so you will need to ramp them up again in the Spring which will burn down your mineral cell faster.

    If you would like to remove all contaminants from your water to reduce the risk of staining, we recommend using the ‘stain and scale’ product and ramping up the minerals again in the Spring using the ‘Large Dose’ function.

    If you use municipal water or other clean water source and are confident that there is no iron or other contaminants in the water that might cause staining, you can skip the ‘stain and scale’ step of closing and the minerals will stay in the water over the winter. There are two benefits to this. First, the minerals will keep fighting algae over the winter so your water will be cleaner in the spring. Second, it will not take as long to build up the minerals to the recommended 0.2ppm to 0.4ppm so you will save the life of your mineral cell.

    If you decide to skip the stain an scale step, it is important to balance the pH (7.2 – 7.8) and alkalinity (80 – 120ppm) so that the minerals stay in solution over the winter.

    We recommend bringing the system controller indoors for the winter. If there is still life left on the cell, you can leave it in the tee, but you must wrap up the plug end so that the winter weather does not cause it to corrode.

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