How can I make my mineral cell last longer?

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    1) Please make sure both bars are always completely under water (even when the pump is off – the tee must be fully filled with water as your ionizer runs 100% of the time. If the cell is dry, it may affect the wear of the cell.)
    2) When tightening the cell in the tee, orient the bars such that the water flows between them or as close as possible without leaking. You may need to add Teflon tape to the threads to give it more ‘play’.
    3) Keep it on the Ion/Action setting based on the manual (please refer to pages 7 and 8 of the manual on how to calculate the settings for your controller).
    4) Run the pump for 8 hours a day (or up to 24 hours on a low speed)
    5) Keep the copper level at 0.2ppm.
    6) Cover the pool when it is not in use if possible.
    7) Keep the chlorine level between 0.5ppm to 1ppm if copper is within 0.2 – 0.4 ppm range.
    8) Use a chlorine or non-chlorine shock once per week.
    9) Keep phosphates low (below 100ppb).

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