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    For your ClearBlue Ionizer to work property, these steps must be taken before installation:

    1. Ensure the total alkalinity is between 80 and 120 ppm.
    2. Ensure hardness, pH and TDS are within acceptable levels (see maintenance section in operating manual).
    3. Excessive amounts of algae or bacteria should be controlled prior to installation.

    A residual of 0.6ppm chlorine or bromine or alternative non-toxic oxidizer should be maintained to break down organics (sweat, hair, urine, make-up, sunscreen, etc.)

    Keep your copper ion level between 0.2ppm – 0.4ppm. Test your water with the included Copper Test Kit periodically to ensure ion level is within this range. Maintain chlorine or bromine at 1ppm – 3ppm until the ion level reaches 0.2ppm.

    Shock may be required in cases of extreme weather conditions or heavy usage.

    Install electrodes vertically and parallel to the water flow. The water must flow between the two bars. If you cannot install them vertically, make sure that the bars are fully immersed in water.

    IMPORTANT: Please read the ClearBlue installation instructions and operating manually carefully before installation and operation

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