Increase revenue and profit with ClearBlue

Increase Revenue and Profit with ClearBlue

Our owner, Sabrina Assad, explains the exciting opportunity for pool & spa retailers and service companies.

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Hi, I’m Sabrina Assad and I’m the owner of ClearBlue Ionizer.

We have been manufacturing ClearBlue Ionizer for over a decade as a family owned and operated business. We want you to feel as comfortable, confident and excited as we do about selling ClearBlue as the #1 choice for ionized mineral water in any pool or spa.

If you’re like most retailers, you’re always looking for a unique opportunity to grow your business, bring in new customers, keep them coming back year after year, AND stand out from your competition.

Becoming a ClearBlue authorized retailer will do just that. We have thousands of homeowners visiting our website every week, looking for a trusted retailer in their area. People are moving away from the recent trend for salt water because of its corrosiveness AND the fact that it’s actually still generating high amounts of chlorine in their pool.

ClearBlue has become so popular because it uses natural mineral ions to control the bacteria and algae found in every pool and spa. People are always writing us to say just how clean and clear the water is, how soft their skin feels, and how easy it is to maintain, EVEN for the newest user. And studies show excessive amounts of chlorine has been linked to respiratory problems including asthma. And with a little one on the way, ClearBlue is the only thing I would trust my babies to swim in.

Its effortless, ClearBlue uses the most advanced digital technology to release the ideal residual of minerals which means your customers spend less time maintaining their water, and more time enjoying it.

We are a family business built on relationships. We care about you, your family, your business, and your relationship with your customers.

This is the perfect time to see how ClearBlue can help you grow your profits. We are offering specials to qualified retailers like you. Buy a trial unit for your pool or spa to experience the incredible benefits firsthand so you can sell a product you believe in.

When you’re ready to introduce it to your customers, we’ll give you free shipping & a great in-store display with your first order of 4 units. As a part of our ClearBlue family, you will have your own listing on our website and we will send all the visitors from your local area to your store.

And the best part is, we guarantee a 100% return on your investment with a MAP Policy to protect your profit margins. We’ll EVEN go one step further to eliminate all risk and any stock that you don’t sell within 6 months, you can return for a full refund. ClearBlue has a 5-year warranty, and 90-day money back guarantee. And, the electrodes need to be replaced every one to three seasons, bringing customers back year after year.

ClearBlue is growing, if you’re ready to grow with us and be a leader in the next generation of healthy pools, pick up the phone or send us an email so we can get you started.