Hot tub and spa ionizer reduces maintenance and chemicals

Mineral spa hydrotherapy

The ClearBlue hot tub ionizer hooks into your hot tub filtration system and releases minerals into the water. Minerals assist in controlling bacteria and algae by augmenting the activity of the chemical sanitizer. This allows you to use half as much chlorine or bromine so the water smells better and feels softer on your skin.

Better for your skin

Minerals build up in the water which assist in controlling bacteria and algae. This allows you to reduce the chlorine or bromine concentration. The lower chemical levels help to reduce skin dryness that can come from using hot tubs.

Always protecting

ClearBlue minerals keep assisting with bacteria and algae control, even when the pump isn’t running.

Easy on your hot tub

ClearBlue minerals are completely safe for your hot tub and cover and will never cause fading or corrosion.

Precise and measurable

Mineral ions can be measured with a test kit so you know they are in there and working. It’s easy to tell when a new mineral cell is needed.

Low power

The digital controller requires a trickle of electricity and keeps working while the spa is turned off. This helps keep your power bill low.

How do I get it?

Find a store near you or ask your local pool/spa service to order it.

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